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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later; if a Japanese company made an 8-bit computer, I'm more than likely going to want to try it out. This time, I came across the Mitsubishi Multi8. It was far from a success, after the release of this, Mitsubishi chased the MSX market instead of continuing with their own unique 8-bit offerings. There was also a namesake successor, the Multi16, I don't know much about that one but it apparently wasn't compatible with the Multi8. 続き⇒
I recently saw a commercially released JR-100 game for the first time ever. I don't think the system was a smashing success by any means, but whereas I'd seen... who knows, 30 or 40 titles for the JR-200, which also wasn't resoundingly successful, the total of JR-100 games I've seen is now at a whopping 1. 続き⇒
Super Shanghai is, as far as I can tell, unrelated to the other Shanghai games I have written about on this site. It's not released by System Soft or made by Activision. It's something of its own beast, but the basic game doesn't change. Pick two matching tiles (or anything else that qualifies as a pair) and try to clear the whole board. 続き⇒
Gemini Wing is a gorgeous shooter for the X68000. Vivid colors with tons of small and medium sprites, plus a huge one for boss fights. It supports MIDI if you have the setup. Some enemies drop powerups but rather than simply adding them to ship, they follow you around in the form of single-use tokens. The tokens are processed FIFO (first-in, first-out, a term I learned in my 7am accounting class 30 years ago, and about the only thing I remember from it), so the one closest to your ship is used when you activate it. 続き⇒
Tower of Druaga is a nice fantasy action game. You play as a knight wandering through dungeon after dungeon, killing enemies and/or avoiding their attacks. I've only made it to about level 4 or 5 at this point, and each level seems to offer new enemies, so that keeps it fun, but some of them add a considerable amount of challenge. For example, when they added one wizard with his ranged magic you need to block with your shield, it was just practice, the next level they have four of those wizards! Your shield is not enough, you have to seek shelter behind walls, too. 続き⇒
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