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Fairly early on in my collection, I had an FM-77. It's the successor to the FM-7, released, I believe, at the same time as the NEW7. There are four revisions of FM-77 and I don't recall which one I had, though I believe it was a D2 or L2. At the time I couldn't get it to work, but there was much I didn't understand back then, so perhaps it was through no fault of the machine. Although I couldn't use it, one thing that stuck out for me was that I loved the feel of the keyboard. It is perhaps the best one I've used in my collection. It's not clicky, which I tend to like, but it has a satisfying clang sound when you strike a key. In any event, I didn't really have the idea to blog about it at the time, so I just quietly sold it off, hopefully into more capable hands. 続き⇒
In Cunning Daisakusen, you play a teacher who is administering an exam today. Your class doesn't seem too fond of you, as they will attack you upon entering the classroom. You decide you're going to get your revenge by wandering around the classroom and catching them in the act of cheating, but they are pretty discrete. They don't remain in the cheating state for long, and if you accuse after they've stopped, they aggressively deny it and you lose points. 続き⇒
Rescue the princess (I guess?) from the castle. But this is a bit different from most of this type. You have to run away from enemies for a while because you're unarmed. While you're running away, various items appear. Gold, a heart, a treasure chest, and finally, a sword! Use this to kill the enemies. Kill all the enemies and dragons come out. Your sword isn't enough to do in the dragons, so you have to go back to the avoiding game for a bit. Once a key appears, grab it and head into the castle without being clobbered by the dragons! 続き⇒
The original version of Door Door was released on a lot of the early-80s 8-bit computers, and this mkII version came out around the mid-80s to offer a spruced-up version for the mid-80s 8-bit computers. I haven't played mkII on any other system besides the MZ-1500, but the graphics seem huge in comparison to the earlier version I've played on my PASOPIA7. As you can see in the intro screens, the programmers intended to kill the consumer with cuteness. 続き⇒
Tonight we play Rally X! I was disappointed because after my first play tonight, I broke the default high score, which triggered the high score screen, but I failed to take a picture in time. But the next play, I got 2.5x that score! 続き⇒
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