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Tokyo Retro Computer Users

If you want to join in the fun activities, we welcome friendly new faces to our laid-back environment. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 27th. More details available below.

ご興味のある方はお気軽くご連絡ください。次のミートアップは4月27日予定です。詳しくは、この記事を読み続きください。 続き⇒
We met up for a 52nd time in our usual place. Sean brought two things with two missions in mind: a modest collection of X1 D 3" games for dumping, and a Hitachi MB-H3 (an MSX2 computer) for repairing the P and @ keys. It seems half the meetup members threw in their hands to help with the P and @ keys, and in the end, we got the P key working! The MB-H3 is notable for having handwriting recognition, which, while a little quirky, actually works pretty well. 続き⇒
For our 51st meetup, Sean came in with a PC-8001mkIISR and its hallmark game - Pac-Land. Yes, this game got a PC-8001 series release alongside the X68000 release, and the PC-8001mkIISR has a struggle with it, but it's the game, for sure. He also brought in an MSX SD mapper cartridge to play with, bumming an MSX from Tome and Michelle in turn. 続き⇒
January 27th, 2024 marked our 50th gathering. We began in late 2019, had to take a few months off for Covid-19 restrictions, and since then we have been meeting about once a month. Although some members have moved or otherwise stopped attending, our membership has grown overall, with about 15 regular members, and around 10-12 members per event. And what better way to celebrate #50 than with a new blog? 続き⇒

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