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Japanese Vintage Computer Collection


So I love the aesthetic of the Pasopia first gen computer, and Toshiba reached their peak in design aesthetics with the Pasopia7. And the Pasopia provides a solid computing experience. But while the Pasopia7 had a fair-sized slice of popular titles available to it, the gaming scene on the Pasopia was a bit... bleak. There's a Pac-Man clone game that's pretty well done, and the feeling you get while watching it is along the lines of "oh, the Pasopia really can do this." There just isn't much out there for it.

Hudson Soft is a gigantic software house, but especially in the beginning, their quality wasn't incredibly high. It was a lot of BASIC utilities and games in nice-looking but sort of generic packaging. But for the Pasopia gamers, this was their lifeline. Not the only thing available, but they churned out a lot of product in a fairly unpopulated world. And to be fair, some of their games were entirely decent, and some were written in machine language (or accented with it for optimization of speed). This game was decent, as was Gyunyuya-san Game, and Aldebaran, and 2001: A Space Odessey at least *look* interesting, so you could certainly have some fun gaming on your Pasopia.

Baltic Fleet is simple, but it is pretty nice looking. Shoot the enemy ships before they cross over into your territory. As was the status quo in the day, it's not quite as easy at it may look!

This was the typical style of early Hudson Soft titles, with different colors for different purposes and platforms.


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