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I recently saw a commercially released JR-100 game for the first time ever. I don't think the system was a smashing success by any means, but whereas I'd seen... who knows, 30 or 40 titles for the JR-200, which also wasn't resoundingly successful, the total of JR-100 games I've seen is now at a whopping 1.

Somewhat predictably, it's a Hudson Soft game. They were the lifeline to the first-gen Pasopia system and generally didn't seem to mind helping out the less popular platforms if they could turn any kind of a profit. Also unsurprisingly (considering the popularity of the game in the arcades at the time), it's a Space Invaders clone, called Invaders. A little bit surprisingly, though, it appeared unopened. Whether it really was unopened or not, who knows, because clearly I was able to get the tape out of the case without breaking the manufacturer seal. But it's in good condition, in any event.

The gameplay is familiar and the graphics aren't really anything special, but I am sure if you owned a JR-100, you were happy to have this game. The shields were probably created using the built-in graphical glitches, but the invaders and your artillery base, both in their standard and exploded forms, seem to have been customized using the limited programmable character generator.


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