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I'm sure I've mentioned a number of times that I don't like sports games, but golf games, while I don't really have a huge fondness for them, are a bit of an exception. The gameplay style is kind of relaxing, and getting a cup-in is kind of satisfying.

And Nintendo takes it up another notch with their early Nintendo Golf game. Most famously on the NES, and perhaps people remember it making appearances in their arcade as part of the PlayChoice 10 and VS. systems as simply "Golf", but it also got a release on a PC-8801 and X1 as "Nintendo Golf". Nintendo Golf eases up a bit on the precision required and focuses on fun through simplicity. But they still have the typical golf game mechanics and features, such as a variety of clubs, variable direction and power, and sand and water hazards. A good variety of courses, too!

The box is pretty neat. Hudson Soft often had yellow floppy disks for some reason, it's sort of a trademark feature of their floppy games. Unfortunately my manual is pretty dirty, although free from other types of damage.


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