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X1 Dの記事その他のX1のゲームソフト

Tonight we play Rally X! I was disappointed because after my first play tonight, I broke the default high score, which triggered the high score screen, but I failed to take a picture in time. But the next play, I got 2.5x that score!

If you happen to never have heard of or played this game, but you have a nagging feeling that it looks familiar, you may be thinking of Radar Rat Race. In fact, HAL Laboratory apparently made Rally X for the Commodore VIC-20, but failed to get permission (oops?) so they were made to discontinue it, making it a rare game. HAL re-tooled it to be Radar Rat Race and it continued to be released on the MAX Machine and Commodore 64.

A number of years later, I happened to get the original game. It was pretty dirty at first, but cleaned up nicely!

X1 Dの記事その他のX1のゲームソフト

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